Fullilove Found Not Guilty in Domestic Case

Fullilove Found Not Guilty in Domestic Case

Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove was found not guilty of domestic assault Tuesday for an incident involving her husband last August.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove is not guilty of domestic violence charges. A judge made the ruling Tuesday afternoon after a 30 minute trial.

Fullilove's lawyers, Arthur Horne and Murray Wells, said they had tried for months to resolve the case without a trial since both Fullilove and her husband, Vernon Chalmers, did not wish to press charges against the other.

After the judge's ruling Wells said, "This the quickest decision in Shelby County Court history." It didn't even take two seconds for the judge to come to his decision.

Chalmers' defense attorney, Catherine DeRossitt, said the case shouldn't have gone to trial. "This is a misunderstanding, it's been blown out of proportion."

In a Shelby County General Session courtroom, charges stemming from the August 2012 domestic violence call to their home were dismissed against Chalmers, but the State still presented a case against Fullilove.

Calling two police officers as witnesses, one testified, "She said she threw dishes and they hit the fireplace." The State said those plates scratched her husband's arm, causing him to bleed. "Some of those plates bounced off the fireplace, or somehow came off the fireplace, and hit him in the arm," the State's lawyer said in closing. Without a moment of hesitation, the judge proclaimed Fullilove not guilty.

She left court with a kiss on the cheek for each of her lawyers, and in typical Fullilove fashion she had plenty to say. "The judge knew that was a bunch of bull, I don't know what that assistant district attorney was trying to prove." She continued, "Maybe she was trying to make a name for herself, and it's mud today."

She called this a waste of time and tax payer money, but says she did learn one thing. "Go to rehab for what? For throwing dishes? I'm not going to throw any more dishes - that I'll never do because I had to go buy a whole new set."

Fullilove wouldn't comment about her current relationship with her husband.
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