Historic 19th Century Club Sold to New Owner

Historic 19th Century Club Sold to New Owner

The 19th Century Club has a new owner. A non profit organization has been fighting to save the mansion but now fears it will be torn down.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - "I think once I saw the negotiations going back and forth, I really thought that they were on the same page. I was hoping that they would be anyway, but my fears unfortunately came true. I'm very disappointed," said Executive Director of Memphis Heritage, June West.

Memphis' historic 19th Century Club sold at auction for $550,000. The midtown mansion has been on the market for a year. Now heritage and history has come to an end. Since 1926 it was home to the women's club, a philanthropic and cultural women's organization.

"We no longer can support it financially, it's just a sign of the times," said President of the women's club, Lyn Heathcott.

According to the Memphis Heritage Facebook page, the new owner plans to demolish the historic landmark. Real Estate Agent Sam Zalowitz would not reveal the name of the new owner, all he would say was his client has yet to sign a contract and negotiations are still going on.

West wanted the other bidder to win. The losing bid came from a non profit organization which planned to restore the mansion and turn it into a resource for women-owned companies.

"Obviously we are against demolition and we still are going to look at all of our options on fighting this. It can't be replaced and it's just a sad day for Memphis & very disheartened that the club made this decision," said West.
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