Hollywood Comes to Nesbit, Mississippi

Hollywood Comes to Nesbit, Mississippi

Hollywood comes to Nesbit. That's how one north Mississippi resident describes what's happening in his neighborhood.
NESBIT, MS – Hollywood comes to Nesbit. That’s how one north Mississippi resident described what has been happening in his neighborhood.

HBO/Cinemax has taken over Bridgetown to film the pilot for a proposed new series; so how are neighbors reacting to all the commotion.

“There’s the house they’re filming at right there,” Helen Spencer told localmemphis.com, “and there’s my house right there—with the white columns.”

Spencer’s house was next door to the main staging area for HBO/Cinemax, which is certainly hitting close to home for residents in Nesbit, Mississippi.

“Everybody is pretty excited about it I think,” said Joe Butler, “it’s a lot of fun.”

Butler is a member of the Bridgetown Homeowners Association.

It may be a lot of fun—but is everybody on board with their neighborhood being commandeered?

“I haven’t heard of anybody,” Jerry Averitt told localmemphis.com, “that has been really aggravated.”

“Everybody is coming around having a good time and enjoying the crew here.” said George Robinson, who lives near the movie set.

“Living next door, I have had no problems with anything,” said Spencer, “they have been quiet—even though they have been filming at night.”

Okay—everybody loves a television show being filmed in their neighborhood; that includes Daisy Myers, who lives in the main movies house with her grandparents.

“It’s really cool,” Myers told localmemphis.com, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

And once the production crew was finished—it was like Daisy had never seen her own house before.

“Oh yeah,” Myers said, “they’ve changed the whole entire inside of it; it’s totally different.”

Lots of locals appear in the show; George Robinson described his part.

“I guess like Otis, Otis the town drunk.” Robinson said, laughing.

“Quarry” is set just after Viet Nam—the Mid South Classic Car Club supplied vintage cars.

“What we are trying to do, “explained Dave Shepard, “is get a lot of early 60’s to 70’s vehicles.”

Mission accomplished. One vintage car supplied Jerry Averitt with a big moment.

“I saw Quarry come in,” said Averitt, “They had him come in, inside an old car.”

To sum up—movie in Bridgetown: no problem.

“The guys have just been so courteous.” Spencer said.

“Everyone is really nice,” said Myers.

“Hell, we’re all drinking’ and having a good time,” Robinson told localmemphis.com, “this doesn’t happen in Desoto County, you know.”

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