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'Hot Vegetables' Thriving in Extreme Summer Temperatures

While most crops are suffering in the heat, some are thriving.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Severe drought and triple digit heat are not only impacting people, but crops as well. Many Mid-South farmers are struggling to overcome the weather. However, a few crops are prospering because of the heat. Jones Orchard put their crops on display at the Agricenter farmer’s market. Their tomatoes, okra, and peppers are thriving.

Jamesia Foucek, Jones Orchard, says “With the heat, the tomatoes really shot up and out. They're beautiful and huge. The zucchini is really good.”

Peppers, such as jalapenos and habaneras, are doing just as well. Corn growers are sweating in the heat. This year’s crop has been the hardest hit. Foucek says her growers are praying for rain.

The Mid-South is more than an inch short on rain for the month and nearly 14 and a half inches below normal for the year. Above normal temperatures makes for a double whammy for some crops, but it’s no surprise that tomatoes, okra, and peppers are thriving since they originate from hot climates.

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