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Hot and Dry Pattern Expected to Worsen

Temperatures will soar into the triple digits this weekend as the Mid-South slips into severe drought.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Excessive heat and drought conditions are expected to worsen in the Mid-South. Temperature-wise, the Mid-South has not been much above normal on temperatures for the month of June. In fact, this June has not made it into the top 50 hottest Junes for the Mid-South on record. However, that could change.

The National Weather Service in Memphis expects temperatures to climb beyond 100 degrees this weekend with heat index values between 105 and 110 degrees. The heat is also making already dry conditions worse.

Ben Schott, NWS Meteorologist, says, “June stands out again just like the last few months. We're still not getting the rain we need.”

The Mid-South only had four days of measurable rain in June, only amounting to 1.38 inches. The area hasn’t seen any precipitation in over 2 weeks.

“When your soil dries out, it allows you to heat up more and when you heat up more, there's no moisture for the air to make thunderstorms,” says Schott.

There is some concern that the area may continue this pattern leading to additional significant hot spells. Experts say a tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico could help to break the dry and hot stretch. However, it will take several weeks for the Gulf to recharge and for conditions to be ripe again for another tropical system to form.

“If we don't get rain, we will continue to see 100 degree temperatures into the summer,” says Schott.

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