How Much Do the Memphis Grizzlies Earn?

How Much Do the Memphis Grizzlies Earn?

Do you know how much your NBA pros are making? Some of the numbers may surprise you.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - The faces of your Memphis Grizzlies keep changing, from favorite players being traded to new teammates on the court.

Thursday, the Grizzlies acquired center Dexter Pittman from Miami. One of the biggest factors in these team decisions is money.

So do you know how much your NBA pros are making? Some of the numbers may surprise you.

"We do understand it's a business and they are trying to do what's best for the organization," says Mike Conley, expressing how Grizzlies teammates feel about the change-ups on the court.

"I'm a Grizzly for life, man - if they trade me tomorrow. I'm a Grizzly for life," adds Zach Randolph.

Being a "Grizzly for life" pays off for Randolph. He and Marc Gasol top the salary standings. Z-Bo earns $16.5 million. Gasol is right under that at $13.89 million.

The two are the team's highest paid players and who you'd expect to be earning the biggest bucks. It's who lines up under the stars that may surprise some.

Point guard Mike Conley just signed a nearly $9 million contract. Newcomer Tayshaun Prince makes more than $6.7 million.

"They're just slowly eating away at our players; next thing you know, they're going to try to trade Tony Allen just to save money," says fan Darian Johnson.

Turns out, comparatively, the Grizzlies wouldn't save that much with Tony Allen. He's considered the heart of the team. The fan favorite, and the man who coined 'grit and grind,' makes $3.3 million.

Allen's salary is just $300,000 more than Darrell Arthur, Jarred Bayless and newcomer Austin Daye. All make right at $3 million.

"Continue to stick with us. I mean it's a transition period for us and we still got a good team," Randolph says.

So what does the new guy make? Pittman's salary is slightly more than $850,000. As for the lowest paid Grizz, that's John Leuer, another new trade. He earns $762,000.
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