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Investigators Sifting Tips from Rumors with Highway Shooter Case

They're getting hundreds of tips, but not every tip contains useful information.
DESOTO COUNTY, MS (abc24.com)-- Dozens of tips are coming into cops about who shot and killed two people on Mississippi highways. Investigators tracking down leads are flooded with information. They're not releasing details, but say despite all the calls they haven't turned up much. It's a full time job separating rumor from reality.

Police, sheriff deputies, 911 dispatchers, local and state investigators are all getting calls. Everyone looking into the two highway murders says they need information from the public to solve them, but some of the information is useless.

"It takes a little bit of time to filter through these things and get an idea of what's legit," says district attorney John Champion.

Monday authorities asked the public for help. Days later, the calls are coming, but "you also have that element of society that wants to take advantage," Champion says.

Like Timothy Brown. The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department arrested him earlier this week. Deputies say Brown filed a false report, telling them he was robbed of three hundred dollars by a man posing as a cop.

With investigators believing the highway shooter could be impersonating a policeman, stories like Brown's perpetuate fear and prevent real work from being done.

"We're asking only serious phone calls be made," Champion says. He knows Mississippians are concerned, saying it's only a matter of time before the shooter is behind bars.

"Eventually we do believe something we have now or get in the future will lead us to who did this."

It's impossible to stop the rumors, but in the meantime, authorities are hoping drivers take this advice to heart: "please be vigilant."

"If I get pulled over I'm just assuming it's a police officer if they're in a car," says Matthew Montgomery.

"I never have been worried it wasn't a police officer when I got pulled over," adds Michael Rice. "I guess I'm going to start thinking about it."

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