Jailer Accused Of Stealing Money Found By Good Samaritan

Jailer Accused Of Stealing Money Found By Good Samaritan

The tables are turned on Shelby County deputy jailer. Xoderick Mitchell is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars found by a good samaritan.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - The tables are turned on a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy.

Xoderick Mitchell is a deputy jailer at 201 Poplar. This week, Mitchell joined criminals behind bars.

He was arrested Tuesday. Investigators say he stole hundreds of dollars. It was cash a women found at the courthouse and turned into Mitchell trusting he would do his job.

The good samaritan was on her way to court when she saw a roll of money on the front steps. Instead of putting it in her pocket, she did the right thing and turned it in to a deputy jailer. End of story? Not quite.

The woman left the cash in the hands of 29 year old Mitchell. It was $398.

The money must have been burning a hole in his pocket. Sheriff investigators say he spent it almost immediately. Mitchell confessed to buying clothes and shoes instead of filing a report.

"Oh wow. Wow," says Phil Mclendon.

Mitchell was caught by pure coincidence.

On her way out of court, the good samaritan happened to run into the woman who lost the money. When the two went to get it, Mitchell was caught.

"Even those in positions of authority don't always do the right thing," Mclendon says.

We figured finding hundreds of dollars on your way into court and then turning it in is a rare act for anyone - authority figure or not. So we asked around.

"It's mine!" Steven Chapman says. "Finders keepers."

"If I saw somebody drop it I'd give it back...if ain't see anybody drop it I'd keep it in my pocket. I'm just gonna tell it like it is," says Felicia Branch.

"She should kept it," Chapman says. "I woulda kept it."

Others we talked with, like Mclendon, are encouraged good samaritans still exist.

"I've lost money before and it's been returned to me," he says. "It's just really rewarding to know people care enough to try to track you down and give it back. Karma's always on your side if you pick the right thing to do."

And in Mitchell's case, when he picked the wrong thing.

He's charged with theft and official misconduct. He has been suspended with pay during the investigation.

Mitchell was released on his own recognizance. He'll be back at 201 Poplar for court, not work, on October 17th.
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