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Judge Denies Injunction Recognizing Memphis Library ID's

A federal judge in Nashville says he isn't convinced photo IDs issued by the public library in Memphis meet the state standard to vote.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Should a library card with your photo be an acceptable form of id at the polls? The city of Memphis says yes, but state officials say no.

The city took its library card ID battle to a court in Nashville on Wednesday.

There, a judge "did not reward the temporary relief we were requesting," said the city's attorney, Herman Morris.

The relief would have allowed voters to use library photo ID's in order to vote. It was a huge part of the plan when the city unveiled the new cards last month.

Morris stated, "The right to vote is fundamental in our government and we ought to do things as a government that make it easier and more accessible than to do things that make it more difficult and harder."

But, as we found, getting a card isn't that simple. Morris said there's good reason for that, the same reason the ID's should be valid to vote.

"It's very important the library know who is walking out with the door with their treasure. So they go to great lengths to determine who you are and where you are."

The city will continue to fight the judge's ruling. During a hearing next week, a judge could decide whether ballots already cast by people with only the new library ID will be counted.

"CAN they be used? I believe yes. Should they be used? I believe yes," Morris maintained. "Will they be determined usable for this purpose? I believe yes. But as of today, the judge hasn't gotten to that point."

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