Judge Extends Hold On Mississippi Open Carry Gun Law

Judge Extends Hold On Mississippi Open Carry Gun Law

A Hinds County circuit judge on Friday extended his hold on Mississippi's open-carry gun law, declaring it "without question, unconstitutionally vague."

OLIVE BRANCH, MISSISSIPPI-A Hinds County Circuit Judge extended the hold on Mississippi open-carry gun law, declaring it unconstitutionally vague. The law would allow adults to carry a gun but don't have a permit to carry a gun that's not concealed. Gun shop owner Monte Dabbs says he supports the second amendment, but this may go too far.

"I believe every American citizen has a right to own a firearm but to openly carry a firearm without a firearms permit, I would feel safer if everybody that was carrying a firearm had a firearms permit," said Monte Dabbs.

The law was supposed to take effect July 1st but it was blocked by a judge. The judge says the law creates confusion and chaos for law enforcement trying to enforce laws already on the books. His fear of the law?

"I believe that their will be a percentage that will become more trigger happy," said Bryant Scott Walker.

"You have to take a class to get your drivers license. Why wouldn't you take a class to get a firearms permit?" said Monte Dabbs.

As for now, the judge's injunction will remain in effect. The law will not be implemented until legislators convene in January.

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