July Weather Wrap Up

July Weather Wrap Up

July across the Mid-south ran about 2° below average. It doesn't sound like much but many think we got off easy.

MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - Typically July is one of the Mid-South’s hottest months.

But this year. It sure felt like Mother Nature let us off easy.

July 1, 2013, we set the bar low. It was the coolest day of the month with a high of only 83. The hottest day of the month, and the year for that matter, happened a little more than two weeks later on July 17th when the airport hit 96 degrees.

The average high for the this July has been 89 degrees. Last July it was 94.

“It was extremely hot. I would not be eating outside this time last year. It has been too good to be true,” one resident said.

Another resiudent agreed, saying that it hasn’t felt as humid as it normally is. He added it made being outside a little more bearable.

Many people have also been asking for rain.

So how much have we gotten this month?

3.73” of rain fell at Memphis International Airport in July, 2013. Believe it or not, way more than last year but still well below average.

Memphis averages a little over 4.5” of rain each July. This year, the heaviest stuff stayed East of here. That left Memphis with spotty storms and sporadic totals. The raniest day at the sirport was July 22.

That said, so far Mother Nature has put down nearly 44” since January 1st.

And here is a chill for thought. The average highs start turning around and dropping August 19th. And just for fun, the average date of the first night at or below 32 is November 14th.

That is still a few months away. We have to get through Auguest first.

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