Kool Kidz Snow Konez Heating Up Memphis Business

Kool Kidz Snow Konez Heating Up Memphis Business

How cool were you at 12 years old? Probably no where near as cool as Jaden Wheeler.
MEMPHIS, TN – How cool were you at 12 years old? Probably no where near as cool as Jaden Wheeler.

Jaden has blended ambition, intelligence and an entrepreneurial spirit to do something nobody has ever done in Memphis.

Part of his secret is selling “cool” to everybody else; cool—as in snow cones.

As Jaden puts it—his secret is to work smart—not hard; and at 12 years old he is off to a great start.

The food truck business in Memphis is growing and Jaden is claiming his share—one snow cone at a time.

“I think it’s a great job you are doing.” said one customer of “Kool Kidz Snow Konez” on a recent July afternoon.

Twelve year old Jaden Wheeler is staking a claim to a big slice of the Bluff City’s food truck market—with “Kool Kidz Snow Konez.”

He’s the youngest food truck owner in Memphis,” said Jennifer Berglund of Gestalt Charter Schools, “which is really exciting.”

It’s a family affair. Mom drives the big yellow truck for Jaden and 11 year old Amaya.

“Amaya’s the ore adventurous person,” said their mother, Katrina Robinson, “more entrepreneurial. Jaden’s the creativity behind it.”

He had several sources of inspiration.

“We used to ask my Mom for toys and video games.” Jaden told localmemphis.com.

“She was like—just get your own money.” Amaya said.

“We thought about our favorite summertime treat,” said Jaden, “and we came up with snow cones.”

The kids were off and running—aided by Jaden’s charter school business education.

“To have him take all of his skills we taught him,” Berglund told localmemphis.com, “and really put them to good use is beyond thrilling.”

“I’m learning about supply and demand,” said Jaden, pausing.

Of course, there may be a few gaps in the process.

“I can’t remember anything,” laughed Jaden, “I barely passed that class.”

He remembered enough to have big ambitions.

“He’s got it in his head he’s going to franchise this thing.” Robinson said.

“The when we grow up,” said Jaden, “we won’t have to actually work.”

But he can serve as inspiration for others at his school.

“He wrote a business plan,” Berglund told localmemphis.com, “as part of eighth grade and now brought it to life.”

Of course, with all that business success—you have to watch out for all those new found friends.

“They say great job,” Amaya told localmemphis.com, “then ask for free snow cones.”

“I think they’re jealous.” Jaden added.

“Kool Kidz Snow Konez” has been everywhere—including Grizzlies games.

If you want to know how they’re doing, consider this: they already made enough to buy their truck—about $6000.

When it was suggested to Mom she might be able to retire early—she slapped a high-five and said, “Amen!”

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