Last Minute Shelby County School Questions Unanswered

Last Minute Shelby County School Questions Unanswered

Ready or not, it's time to start school.

MEMPHIS, TN--Ready or not, it's time to start school. Tomorrow, Tuesday July 30th parents around Shelby County will begin registering their kids in the new merged system and then in one week classes will start. The more than three year journey to get to this point has been filled with controversy and questions and with time running out parents say important questions remain.

The main concern we heard from parents: will there be before and after school care programs? Parents are juggling one, two, or three jobs and start work early in the morning while their kids' classes start later in the day. So some parents don't know what to do.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions," said a father with two children that attend the Shelby County Schools Chris Pease.

"It just seemed like time rushed by because there was so much happening in the summer with this unified school district, there was so much information that was being fed to us," said a concerned parent Mary Dugan.

The list of concerns about the new Shelby County School District seems endless and many parents have the same question.

"One of my biggest concerns is the after care program," said Dugan.

"I have to be at work because I do teach at 6:45am and my daughter's school doesn't start until 9am so that poses a problem off of people who don't haw family here," said another mother and teacher Kimberly Taylor.

"Another question: uniforms. Are they going to be forced well not forced but mandated," wondered Pease.

The question about uniforms has been addressed by the district. School officials say if students wore uniforms at that school they will do again this year. A major issue that hasn't been addressed: corporal punishment.

"The disciplinary process, I don't know if they've made a decision on that if they're going discipline or not discipline," stated Dugan.

The entire summer there have been plenty of school board meetings to figure out how to run the massive merger. So many questions and so little time left.

"I feel like it's too much information and it's not detailed," said Taylor. "Once you want details it's so overwhelming."

Parents also told us they would like the school to call and mail them information because not everyone has access to the internet. We're told questions about bus routes, school times, and other concerns will be answered during registration Tuesday.

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