Leaks Investigated in Lorenzen Wright Murder Case

Leaks Investigated in Lorenzen Wright Murder Case

You've heard those of us in the media use the term "sources" a lot throughout the Lorenzen Wright murder investigation.
MEMPHIS, TN - You've heard those of us in the media use the term "sources" a lot throughout the Lorenzen Wright murder investigation. From what's on the 911 call to the identity of the body found in the field that day, we learned from insiders before official word came. Police say these leaks can destroy a case, and they're doing everything they can to keep quiet. At least one department has gone to great lengths to stop these leaks at their source.

It's been more than a week since Memphis Police have told us anything about Lorenzen Wright's murder. They are staying silent, and other departments are trying to do the same.

Gunshots on the 911 call made from Lorenzen Wright's cell phone. Thursday, the Germantown Police Department confirmed that's what dispatchers heard, but we knew about it the day Wright's body was discovered.

“It's unfortunate that information got out about the investigation that may or may not prevent or limit what they can do,” said Germantown Police Department Deputy Chief Rodney Bright.

Germantown launched an investigation into the leak, after word it could've come from one of its employees.

“It was relative to another department's investigation,” said Bright. “That's unsettling for us.”

The department went as far as trying to subpoena a reporter's cell phone records. Cops say it was a misunderstanding and an employee was cleared.

“So how did it get out? Do you know?” Eyewitness News asked.

“We don't know, we just absolutely don't know,” Bright replied.

Memphis Police won't say a word about the investigation so far, but they will tell us why.

“We can't proceed with an investigation if information is being leaked out,” said MPD spokeswoman Karen Rudolph. “We use that information in order to find the criminal. If we put that information out, then that gives them power to fight against our investigation.”

Leaks and tips happen, no matter how much the police like to think they don't, but if they find out about it…

“They could face termination. They could be punished not only with our policies, you can be criminally charged, so we don't take it lightly,” said Rudolph.

Germantown police say, right now, they have no reason to investigate any other employees, but if they hear something, they'll get to the bottom of it.

Germantown police have completed their review of the handling of the 911 call from Wright's cell phone. They say, with the information and equipment available, dispatchers did what they were supposed to.

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