Lorenzen Wright: 911 Call Confusion

Lorenzen Wright: 911 Call Confusion

Lorenzen Wright called 911 the night he was shot to death, but it took days for police to figure he was the one who made the call.
MEMPHIS, TN - A year ago, July 18,2010, former University of Memphis and Grizzlies basketball player Lorenzen Wright was last seen alive, leaving his ex-wife’s home in Collierville. His body was discovered 10 days later, in a wooded field in Southeast Memphis.

Ever since, police have been trying to find Wright’s killer, but so far, no one has cracked the case.

“They are still investigating and a lot of people are still optimistic they are going to catch him,” said Fred Horton, Wright’s former high school basketball coach. “It’s kind of a mystery.”

Horton has waited and waited for an arrest during the past year, but it never happened. “I was hoping they would have caught somebody by now,” he added.

CrimeStoppers has received two dozen tips, the last one in May. Police still consider the case active and will not release details about information surrounding the disappearance.

According to the head of CrimeStoppers there is a $6,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Wright’s killer.

Horton thinks the reward should be increased.

“Money talks,” said Horton, “it should be more than $6,000.”

When abc24.com contacted Wright’s father, he did not want to be interviewed saying he was too upset.

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