MPD: Woman Targeted Single Moms In ID Theft Scheme

MPD: Woman Targeted Single Moms In ID Theft Scheme

She promised to help single mothers, but cops say she helped herself to their identities. 26-year-old Pia Sims is accused of stealing the identities of more than 600 Mid-Southerners.
MEMPHIS, TN ( Police have arrested a woman they say has stolen the identity of 600 Mid-Southerners. 

Pia Sims is charged with identity theft.  Police say she was promising to help people get grants, but just scammed them out of their money.

"People scam all the time. Everybody has a different story. Everybody wants to know how they can come up on some money. It happens all the time. A lot of us just have to be aware," said Essence Williams.

On Tuesday Sims was pulled over by police for driving on a suspended license with no insurance. Detectives later found nearly $50,000 in her trunk along with personal documentation of more than 600 different people, including names, social security numbers, and debit cards.

"I've had my ID stolen before and I mean for us to be single parents and women to do this out of all people knowing what us other women go through, I think it's horrible and especially so close," said Arriel Johnson.

According to police Sims contacted people and promised grant money to single Moms. No family members were at her home located in the 1300 block of Kimball Cove. We did notice an insane asylum sign on her home. That's a hospital for mentally incompetent or an unbalanced person. However investigators aren't saying she's insane, instead they say she's been preying on hundreds, and there might be more victims out there.

"It's a little harsh because times are already hard enough and trust is a heavy issue and if we can't trust anybody who we think are trying to help us then what do we have left, said Ashton Cryer

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