Mac Miller Fans Outraged Over Fake Concert

Mac Miller Fans Outraged Over Fake Concert

Hundreds of Mac Miller fans are outraged after finding out the tickets they bought to watch him perform at the club, City Hall in Cordova are fake.
MEMPHIS, TN— Hundreds of Mac Miller fans are outraged after finding out the tickets they bought to watch him perform at the club, City Hall in Cordova are fake.

"I've been following him since middle school,” said a Mac Miller fan Meagan Jacobs. “I was so excited and I was like oh my God he never comes anywhere near here! He's going to be so close and my friends were all super excited."

Meagan Jacobs and 800 other Mid-Southerners were excited to see Malcolm James McCormick, more commonly known as Mac Miller. Fans thought the young Pittsburg rapper was going to perform this Saturday January 26, 2013 and with tickets only $30 everyone was hyped. Memphis radio stations even promoted the concert using clips of Mac Miller’s voice saying that he’s coming to town.

Turns out that wasn't Mac Miller's voice. Rumors started swirling: the tickets and the concert were fake. So fans called the club City Hall and were told by the manager the show was canceled.

"So we all tweeted Mac Miller, oh why did you cancel? We're all really disappointed,” said Jacobs. “We were looking forward to it and he tweeted twice.”

Miller tweeted back, "To my Memphis fans: I was never booked to play Memphis tomorrow night. I recently found out about this fake show and I'm very upset about it."

His second tweet said, “I am not doing a show in Memphis tomorrow night and was never scheduled to do one. Check for accurate dates.”

"I feel stupid and disappointed,” said Jacobs.

Memphis promoter "Castle Entertainment" was pushing the Mac Miller concert and booked the venue at City Hall in Cordova, the Steve Cooper-owned place that used to be Stella Marris. The scam artist behind the bogus show is a Chicago booking agency and promotion company called Premier Talent.

"Turns out they (Premier Talent) didn't have authorization to put on the Mac Miller concert,” said the City Hall club manager David Rogers in an exclusive interview with ABC24 News. “Since then we contacted Mac Miller ourselves, offered $35,000 for him to fly out, do the show, and go back to L.A. and he turns us down and his fans."

Cooper's "City Hall" was also scammed. It didn't get a dime up front from ticket sales. They were supposed to get paid the day of the concert. Now they are out of thousands of dollars spent on equipment rental, advertising, and bar sales for a hip-hop extravaganza that will now never happen.

"We got nothing, a complete loss for us,” said Rogers. “Our customers are upset; we were just renting the space for the promoter. It wasn't an event we were actually putting on."

"It was really disappointing. Why would someone do that? I mean we felt like we really got scammed out of our money,” stated Jacobs.

The Memphis promoter has told fans via Twitter that they will get a refund. ABC24 News contacted the Memphis and Chicago promoters and we have yet to hear from them.
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