Memphians Keeping Cool to Beat the Heat

Memphians Keeping Cool to Beat the Heat

Mother-nature is out-doing herself with temperatures soaring into the nineties.

MEMPHIS, TN ( is out-doing herself with temperatures soaring into the nineties.

“Yeah it's gone definitely be hot this summer," said Charles Means.

By mid-work week, a heat advisory will be in full effect. The heat index could climb to 105 in some areas. With temperatures soaring, folks are doing everything they can to keep cool.

"Well I like to drink a lot of water. I like to stay inside you know. I go swimming sometimes. Stay in the shade," said John Haynes.

"Usually I just mostly stay in for the whole summer as much as I can. Just kind of stay out the heat. Stay out the sun, said Jacqulyn Webb.

A spokesman for the Aging Commission of the Mid-south says the elderly request fans on a daily basis, but Kathe Stewart with Precision Air Conditioning and Heating says fans only blow hot air.

"The main concern I have about a fan is that people get this false sense of security, they are in fact cooler then they are and don't realize perhaps in a dangerously hot situation," said Stewart.

She suggests buying a window ac-unit, to stay cool in one area of the house.

Other ways to keep cool include taking a cold bath and closing curtains to block sunlight. We found several instructional videos on you tube, detailing how to make a cheap ac unit out of a styrofoam cooler. So, we decided to make our own. First, cut holes for a fan and cup. Then fill your cooler with ice. Mount your fan, power it on and your good to go.

"The temperature in this room is 84.4 degrees. It's down roughly two degrees from when we first started about 46 minutes ago so it seems to be working," said Local 24 news reporter, Yvette Whiteside.

"I gotta tell ya I like the homemade ac unit. It cooled it down by a degree after about 10 minutes, that was a good idea," said Stewart.

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