Memphis Athlete Takes 8th Place In CrossFit Games

Memphis Athlete Takes 8th Place In CrossFit Games

Looking for a little motivation? One of the fittest women in the world lives right here in the Bluff City.
Memphis, TN: One of the fittest women in the world lives in Memphis. Her name is Michelle Kinney. She’s been an athlete all her life. She ran track at St. Benedict at Auburndale High School and went to Mississippi State on a track scholarship. Now, she’s become a CrossFit superstar, taking home 8th place at the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Michelle isn’t boastful about her accomplishments. “I don’t know, superstar? I’ve gotten a lot more Twitter followers!” But she should be. For the third time she qualified to compete in the CrossFit Games, for the second time placing in the top ten. “When they finally posted the scores and had the list of athletes and it said, Michelle Kinney 8, I couldn’t believe it! I just started jumping up and down,” said Kinney. 

From rowing to running, Michelle excelled at the hard core events at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. It took months of training and a strong support network to get there. “It was a very proud moment when they handed our uniforms to wear and it had Michelle Kinney, CrossFit Chickasaw. That was a very proud moment as an affiliate and as an athlete.” Michelle’s work is also her passion. She co-owns CrossFit Chickasaw on Poplar Avenue, coaching members on their paths to fitness.

CrossFit Chickasaw co-owner Robby Fromin says the entire “tribe” was ready to support her. “It was really great to see everyone roll up their sleeves and want her to make this happen as much as she did.”  He was one of a number of people who flew to California in July to watch her compete. He also kept those who couldn’t be there up to date on her progress. “A lot of people would say, ‘If you get a chance tell her I’m thinking about her.’ Or ‘Tell her we’re proud of her tell her we were all watching and yelling at the screen.’ Just a lot of like, not to sound corny, love and support,” said Fromin.

“I definitely felt the vibe from back home. It’s a team effort. Individual competition, yeah, it’s just me out there, but there’s certainly a team effort to my finish,” said Kinney. Michelle is already looking toward her next goal, qualifying for the 2014 games. “It’s just my inner competitiveness and just wanting to be back on the world stage again, because that feeling is not something that is had by many and it’s truly incredible.”

When it comes to her success, Michelle also credits her family. Her parents were at the games cheering her on. She says her Dad can remember play-by-play of every workout and her Mom, is of course, her biggest fan.
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