Memphis Boasts Two of the Most Iconic American Destinations

Memphis Boasts Two of the Most Iconic American Destinations

In the eyes of America, Memphis shines bright as a tourist destination.
MEMPHIS, TN – In the eyes of American, Memphis shines bright as a tourist destination.

A current USA Today poll rates Memphis and New York as the only two cities boasting more than one of the most iconic destinations in the country.

Both Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum are making strong showings in the USA Today poll.

They’re in esteemed company—battling places like Fenway Park; Mt. Rushmore; and the Grand Canyon.

The people who visit the Memphis attractions—and those who run them—are thrilled.

“We’re very excited about being on the list.” said Graceland spokesperson Kevin Kern.

The list is USA Today’s top ten iconic places to visit in America; and Graceland is looking good.

“Right now we’re number one in the voting.” Kern told

That’s impressive—and easy to believe. More than 600,000 visitors a year tour Elvis Presley’s former home.

“This place is awesome.” said one of those tourists.

And consider this. The National Civil Rights Museum currently stands third on the USA Today list.

“This is very exciting to be nominated,” said Connie Dyson, “we’re just thrilled.”

Dyson works in the communications department of the Civil Rights Museum.

Memphians and visitors are encouraged to vote for both spots; and it sounds like they will.

“Historically they’re both significantly relevant,” Bobbie Allaire told, “I would definitely put them in the top ten.”

Allaire was visiting both hot spots from New Jersey.

For some, getting to Graceland has been a long wait.

“That was my dream forty something years ago,” said Zdenka Kristic, “now my dream has come true. I’m happy for that, very happy.”

Zdenka is an Elvis fan from Bosnia.

Even for those who could not “see” Graceland—like vision impaired Maria Kristic, with her dog Lacey—Graceland was worth the visit.

“It was cool to be surrounded by all the things Elvis touched and interacted with.” Maria told

For others, Memphis’ appeal doesn’t stop at Graceland or the Civil Rights Museum.

“We love just the whole place,” Jamie Allaire said, “the energy; the vibe; the people.”

But the current focus was on winning the USA Today poll.

“We’re encouraging folks to vote.” said Kern.

“Of course there has been a buzz,” Dyson told, “we’ve been sending out emails telling friends and family vote for the National Civil Rights Museum and Graceland; but—vote for us.”

If you’d like to vote for most iconic tourist destinations in America, go to:

Voting runs through September 9, 2013.

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