Memphis Cops Working Cold Cases Need Your Help

Memphis Cops Working Cold Cases Need Your Help

Cold cases Memphis cops say they need your help to crack.
MEMPHIS, TN - Cold cases Memphis cops say they need your help to crack. There are nine unsolved murders on City Council's list offering extra CrimeStoppers cash for tips. Lorenzen Wright was most recently added to that list, but others aren't as high profile.

ABC24 News goes inside the investigations and shows us what happens when the trail for the killer turns cold.

“All the leads just kind of dried up,” said MPD Homicide Sgt. William Ashton.

He’s talking about the case of 42 year old napoleon Yates. On September 11th 2006, he was in his car in the parking lot of “Granny’s Market” in South Memphis. Someone approached him.

“He walked up to the driver’s door of the truck and shot him several times through the window of the truck and killed him,” said Sgt. Ashton.

The killer hopped a fence and ran into the neighborhood behind the store.

“Everything that could’ve been done on this case has been done,” Sgt. Ashton said. “We just need some fresh information to come forward.”

Sgt. Ashton gets cases like this after 24 months goes by. Cases like Jack Lassiter. The 78-year-old man was found dead in his Frayser home in October 2006.

“Mr. Lassiter kept to himself, but he did rent out rooms occasionally to people who were more or less transient or down on their luck,” said Sgt. Ashton.

Neighbors called cops when they hadn't seen Lassiter for ten days. When officers arrived, Lassiter was on the couch. He’d been bludgeoned to death. Stuff was taken, including his car, which the killer used to ram through his locked gate.

“The car's been put into the system, and it's never been recovered,” Sgt. Ashton said.

It's been four years. Sgt. Ashton says he needs more to go on.

“I need a tip on all these cold cases, that's how I get them solved,” he said.

He never closes a case until that happens.

Cops say if you have any information on any of these cold cases, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.

City Council is offering an extra $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in Lassiter's or Yates' murder.
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