Memphis International Auto Show at Cook Convention Center

Memphis International Auto Show at Cook Convention Center

The Memphis International Auto Show rolled into the Bluff city. These brand new wheels are parked at the Cook Convention Center waiting on your arrival.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Lamborghini to Lexus, Ford to Ferrari, the Memphis International Auto Show has something for everyone. For drivers it's the only place in town to see such a wide variety of vehicles under one roof.

The car show roared into the Cook Convention center giving car lovers a chance to look at some high-end exotic cars like an Aston Martin, Audi R-8, and let's not forget ...

"The Lamborghini, the one I can't have," said Jeremiah Watson.

It's okay to look at your dream car right?

"Unfortunately it's not in my price range but I like it," said Anthony Jennings.

It's the most expensive car, starting at $330,000. The least expensive? A Nissan Versa,
around $13,000.

"A big thing this year is people want to save a little money. They're looking for ways to stretch their dollars especially at the gas pump and we've got a lot fuel efficient models here at the auto show that are allowing them to do that," said Shaun Foley with Motor Trend Auto Shows.

Don't forget about the bling. Your car can become a giant speaker with massive hard-drives to store music - even car wi-fi.

Then there is the technology to keep you safe. Airbags built into seat belts, sensors to help avoid crashes, and a hands free lift gauge. Wave your foot under the bumper and it opens automatically.

You can't drive these cars home but you can take some out for a test drive.

"If you don't want to be haggled with buying a car now, all folks are only here to answer questions and help you learn about the new technology, what's new about all the new models," said Shaun Foley.

The Memphis International Auto show will run through Sunday.
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