Memphis' Pint Sized Internet Sensation

Memphis' Pint Sized Internet Sensation

He's smooth in front of a camera, cares about others and he's a natural comedian.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - He’s smooth in front of a camera, cares about others and he’s a natural comedian.

His name is Kwame Gary, and he’s the nine year old Memphian taking the internet by storm.

Kwame loves to perform; he’s creative, always in school plays. Now, his YouTube movies with a conscience are attracting lots of attention.

One internet poster wrote: great message from a great family.

“Me and my dad were just fooling around with the camera,” Kwame told, “and we made a movie and it is actually pretty good.”

“Hi, my name is Kwame,” began his movie, “I’m just an average 9 year old boy. This is my life, in my words.”

The words in this case, delivered a message about healthy eating.

“We thought of stuff that people have problems doing,” said Kwame, “so we wanted to help them out.”

“People say eating healthy is hard,” Kwame said in his video, “but to me what’s hard is being obese, having diabetes and taking insulin shots.”

“We always knew we wanted to say something positive.” said Kevin Gary, Kwame’s father.

But they also wanted to entertain.

“I need you to make it funny,” Kevin told his son.

You know, fun - like hiding a Hershey bar in his dreads - as Kwame did in his movie.

“I don’t see why people want to eat healthy,” Kwame said in the movie while holding his growling stomach, “ouch, that’s why,” said Kwame as he fell to his bed.

“From the time he was a baby,” said his mother Hellon Craig, “he has been the comedian of the family.”

The movie projects also bring father and son together.

“There are two things I know about my dad,” said Kwame in the movie, “he loves me very much and he’ll do anything for me.”

“We are extremely proud of him,” Kevin told

All his relatives are, as well. Kwame’s grandmother cried when she saw him featured on ABC24 and CW30 News.

So, after delivering some laughs, a message on healthy eating and some proud parents, what’s next for Kwame?

“I’m putting you on an exercise program,” his father chided on video, as Kwame’s eyes rolled up into his head and the video faded to black.

Both Kwame and Kevin say that exercise video will have to wait; up next is a project on school bullying, then one on the lack of Memphis fathers' involvement with their kids.

They are both great examples of a family coming together through comedy with a social conscience.
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