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Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin Speaks On West Memphis Shooting

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin says every traffic stop is potentially deadly. He talks with myEyewitnessNews.com about his personal conversation with the West Memphis Police Chief and having a son on the police force as well.
MEMPHIS, TN – With black tape over his badge, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin reflects on the deadly shooting in West Memphis, AR. “It’s just one of those things you hope never happens. One minute you’ve got officers doing their job, the next minute their life is snatched away and the citizens feel the pain.” Pain after Officers Billy Evans and Brandon Paudert were gunned down during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 by a father and son who were eventually killed by police.

Godwin says it’s very disturbing for a number of reasons. Sgt. Brandon Paudert is the son of West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert, and just like Paudert, Godwin’s son followed in Dad’s footsteps. “He’s a good kid. He’s been a good cop. I’m proud of him, just like Bobby (Paudert) was proud of his.”

Godwin tells myEyewitnessNews.com when Paudert called him it was to stress the importance of family. “To remind me, you got a son and it tells you where his heart was. His heart was thinking of me and what could happen to me.”

Early reports indicate the officers did everything right, including calling for backup. Godwin says what happened across the river won’t change how his officers handle traffic stops, but it will reinforce the importance of being aware. “I still check a car the way I was taught. I have my hand on the pistol, I walk narrow to the car, and I’m looking in the rear view mirror.”
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