Mid-South Couple Trains Search Dogs to Track Missing People

Mid-South Couple Trains Search Dogs to Track Missing People

Bob and Paulette Weible of Byhalia, Mississippi, started Search Dogs South almost two decades ago.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - The Mid-South man who vanished after being tased during a traffic stop is still missing.

Investigators say James Irby ran off after a traffic stop in Walls, Mississippi on May 4th. Irby's family fears he's dead, but two different sets of K-9 dogs indicate Irby crossed a field and caught a ride south on Highway 61.

U.S. Marshals are still searching for him. The dogs that tracked Irby have worked several high profile cases in the Mid-South, including the search for Holly Bobo.

"We're a canine search and rescue team. We look for lost and missing people," says Bob Weible. He and his wife Paulette started Search Dogs South almost two decades ago.

They've worked hundreds of cases over the years. "No charge. We'll respond basically anywhere, anytime," he tells Local 24 News. They help find lost people and track criminals.

Search Dogs South most recently tracked Irby through fields in Walls.

"We can run trails. It depends on weather how old a trail we can run," Bob says. The Weibles have built a team of handlers and canine partners from Mississippi to Tennessee. They have 11 on the team.

"The instinct the dogs are born with is unbelievable," says handler Maria Lay.

"If a person is still in the area we'll get them," says Bob. If the person they're tracking has left, Search Dogs South can give law enforcement that information too.

"We can tell law enforcement yes or no, they were at a particular place. Like Mr. Irby. He's no longer there so we'll go out and give them some information."

The Weible's canines are different from police K-9s trained to protect officers and take suspects down.

"Their purpose is to capture and hold a criminal. While we do some criminal work, our dogs don't bite. That's one of the big distinctions."

To find out more about Search Dogs South, go to their Facebook page.

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