Mid-South Food Bank Needs Turkeys

Mid-South Food Bank Needs Turkeys

Turkey trouble at the Mid-South Food Bank.
MEMPHIS, TN - Turkey trouble at the Mid-South Food Bank. The people in charge say if they don't get donations soon, many will go without a traditional dinner on Thanksgiving.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, and, so far, not a single turkey has been donated to the Mid-South Food Bank. They say the need is great.

Just as soon as the food comes in, the Food Bank dishes it out to agencies that feed the needy.

Ray Leitschuh is with the Moscow Community Food Pantry in Moscow, TN.

“In Fayette County,” he said. “We are seeing a huge increase. We've almost doubled our clients in the past year.”

The Moscow Community Food Pantry is feeding more than 350 people this thanksgiving. This year, they're giving out chickens not turkeys, and they aren't alone.

Estella Mayhue-Greer is the incoming CEO of the Mid-South Food Bank.

“Donations are down, definitely down,” she said. “Usually this time of year, particularly with the turkeys, we would have turkeys on our inventory list available for our agencies. We haven't received any turkey donations, not a single turkey.”

“Turkeys, we probably won't try to do any turkeys for Christmas ourselves,” said Bobby Crisp with the Moscow Community Food Pantry. “I think it's bad.”

Times are tough. Turkey prices are up an average of 20-percent. The number of needy people is up, but donations are down.

The Food Bank says agencies it serves are struggling.

“That agency now has to take funds that would usually go to serving the clients, that agency has to use funds to pay their utility bill,” Mayhue-Greer said of one of the churches the Food Bank serves.

They need the community to step up, so people can have a happy holiday season, turkey and all.

“I just ask for a special prayer to go out for all these people that are in need right now,” said Crisp. “They're struggling for their income and their food, and I know that's the answer for them.”

The Food Bank is expecting a donation of turkeys tomorrow from the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, but they need more.

The Mid-South Food Bank is open for donations. It serves 250 agencies in 31 counties in the tri-state area. You can drop-off donations to the Food Bank at 239 S. Dudley in Downtown Memphis.

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