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Mid-South Residents Trim Trees to Prepare For Isaac

Fruit trees are top-heavy and can not withstand high wind.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Mid-South residents are preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac. When high winds hit the Mid-South, tree limbs frequently knock down power lines. Tree-trimming companies were busy Wednesday as residents rush to trim over-hanging limbs away from their homes.

The trees most vulnerable to high wind are Pecan, Maple and Sweet Gum trees. Fruit makes trees top-heavy and not able to withstand high wind.

Mark Follis, Arborist with Follis Tree Preservation, says, “They're not solid wood all the way through. It's weak wood. It doesn't take much for them to snap with the additional weight on them.”

The purpose of tree trimming is to let wind through the trees. Follis suggests trimming branches back at least 8 feet away from your roof to protect your home.

The Mid-South drought could prove to have benefits when Isaac arrives. Rock-solid ground should help to keep trees from uprooting.

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