Millington Residents Worry About Government Shutdown

Millington Residents Worry About Government Shutdown

Millington resident worry what a government shutdown could mean for the local economy.
MEMPHIS, TN-- Kal Alkhettab is worried.

Alkhettab owns the Jet Way Market in Millington, right down the street from the Naval Support Activity. With the federal government on the verge of running out of money Monday evening, Alkhettab worried what that could mean for his business.

"I am really having a hard time, my sales went down from $1800 down to $400 now I probably if it last longer, I won't be able to pay my bills," he said.

More than 7,500 people work at Millington's Navy base. Late Monday, President Barak Obama signed a law ensuring activity duty military members will be paid even if the government closes. Less clear, the fate of civilian workers at the base. Many come into Alkhettab's market.

"We are going to suffer, really. Less money in people's hands, is less business for us," he said.

Across town, worry turned into frustration.

"High crimes and midemeanors," said Mike Hood. "I'm fed up! This has happened 3 or 4 times the last four years, and now it looks like it is really going to happen."

"I'm tired of this nonsense it needs to stop," he added. "The only way I see this currently stopping is everyone in Congress gets the boot." 

"I don't know what we would do, if it wasn't for the Lord," said Sherry Thompson. "That's kind of strange wouldn't you say, all this time and there is no money anywhere?"

Back at the Jet Way Market, Alkhettab waited on customers.

"It does, it really does make me nervous," he said. "Hopefully they'll work their differences and pass the bill."

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