Mums The Word On Fall Color In The Garden

Mums The Word On Fall Color In The Garden

Mums are the next flower to bloom for the fall season. Now is your chance to enjoy a fall boom with the bloom.
MEMPHIS -- ( Fall colors, what’s in? what’s out? In the plant world, the answer is mum.

See what we did there?

The mum is the next flower to show of it’s color as we sprint through September and start October.

Terry Nance and his wife Teresa have been handing out green thumbs for three decades. They now run Bayless Greenhouse near
Millington. They know what the plants know.

“Every mum has a date that it should be showing some color,” Terry Nance said.

Terry said the colors vary.

“White, red, lavender, purple, pink, coral, and yellow,” Nance said.

Yellow is most popular.

Over the last few weeks its been warm with limited rain. Rain can be added, cool air can’t. Frankly we need more of it if we want that color to pop and stick.

“The cooler it is after they begin to bloom the longer the color will last.” Nance said.

Temperatures are only part of the battle. Daylight is a major role too and the mums observe.

“Going from long days to short days; different plants react to the daylight days. Some plants are daylight neutral,”  Nance said. 

According to Nance, mums prefer shorter days and cooler temperatures.

Once you take them home upkeep is easy, They like sun and guzzling water.

Nance said on the larger mums he gives a gallon of water twice a day.

“Its science and art all at the same time,” Nance said.

Once mums bloom their color can be vibrant for weeks.
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