Mystery Around Midtown Cyclist's Death Has Girlfriend Looking For Answers

Mystery Around Midtown Cyclist's Death Has Girlfriend Looking For Answers

Five days since he died, and still no answers. Chris Davidson told his girlfriend he was hit by a car half a mile from her house. Then he died in her arms.

MEMPHIS,TN -  Several days after a cyclist died after being hit by a car in Midtown Memphis, his girlfriend says she still doesn’t know exactly what happened to him.

Carri Dodge was picturing her entire life with 37-year-old Chris Davidson. Dodge tells, “It was wonderful, we were madly in love, madly in love.”

Davidson had a ring and was one day away from proposing to his girlfriend of a year. Her life stopped when his was taken.

“I'll never have that, it’s gone,” Dodge says, “He was on his death bed and he managed to blow me a kiss, I don’t know how.”

The kiss that lingers in her mind isn’t the only thing Dodge is confused about. She was the last person to see him alive and nothing from early Friday morning, August 12, 2011, makes sense.

“I have no idea, we’re not even sure where it happened.” 

Dodge says she woke up when Davidson stumbled through the door and fell to the floor inside her Midtown home. He told her he was hit by a car in Overton Square, about half a mile from Dodge's door. “I started to panic,” Dodge says. “I was trying to assess the happened so fast.”

In shock, Dodge says she took Davidson to the bathtub instead of calling 911. “He told me not to, he said, ‘No, I’m fine. I just have a couple broken ribs, just get me in the bathtub.’”                                    

When she realized he was in too much pain she called paramedics. Within 10 minutes, Dodge says he bled to death. She says an EMT told her he had broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. But what Dodge doesn't understand is what happened before Davidson fell on her floor.

How did he walk so far with such severe injuries? And who hit the man she was planning to spend the rest of her life with?

Police haven’t ruled it a homicide, but Dodge is certain it was.

“They're here. They're in this city. They’re sitting around watching coverage and acting like nothing is happening.” Dodge says, “They need to come forward.”

Davidson’s bike was found in the street outside Dodge’s home, police are holding it for evidence.

Davidson’s funeral was Wednesday, August 17.

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