National Civil Rights Museum Displays New Exhibits

National Civil Rights Museum Displays New Exhibits

If you've visited the National Civil Rights Museum before, there's a very good reason to return.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - The National Civil Rights museum will be under construction until 2014. However, visitors are still allowed to tour four new exhibits.

"Something that I've always wanted to do because I've seen quite a few documentaries on Martin Luther King. Yeah it's a really emotional experience too," said tourist Graeme Druce.

Druce came all the way from Sydney, Australia. He said the 27 hour flight was long but the tour, including the four new exhibits, were worth it.

Those new exhibits include 'The Freedom Sisters' which explores the lives of 20 African American women who worked for liberty and equality. Two Memphians featured are Ida B. Wells, a journalist known for her anti-lynching campaign; also featured is Mary Church Turrell, an advocate for women's rights.

Tourists can also walk through a tunnel to view a new timeline which traces the history of the civil rights movement.

"I really like that wall of the comparison of what Dr. King was doing with those who were not in favor of his work were doing. That was a very interesting way to have this information presented," said tourist Gayl Calvin.

Another new exhibit is 'The Witness' video in the revamped theater. This documentary focuses on Rev. Kyles, Maxine Smith, and the late Dr. Benjamin Hooks.

Last but not least, audio of Mahalia Jackson singing 'Precious Lord'. It's played on the balcony of where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed.

"I want people to leave here transformed about notions or beliefs that may have had about the struggle, about African American people, about other minorities, and especially transformed about what individuals can do to help to right wrong that they see," said Barbara Andrews with the National Civil Rights Museum.
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