New Air Carrier Coming to the Mid-South

New Air Carrier Coming to the Mid-South

Cheap air fares, no security checkpoints, and no baggage fees. It's all apart of a new air carrier coming to the Mid-South called Southern Airways Express.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - "No baggage fees, it sounds a lot more convenient then flying with everyone else. Cheaper is always better," said airline passenger John Hodgson.

Hodgson says he can't wait to start flying with Southern Airways Express. The new airline will begin operating in June out of two regional airports.

"We'll be flying out of Shelby County, we'll be flying out of North Mississippi in the Memphis Metropolitan area and we'll be flying out of one other city in North Mississippi that's a little bit further from Memphis but still is pretty close," said President and Chairman of Southern Airways Incorporation, Stan Little.

Little says the planes will seat 10 passengers and will include brand new leather seats with extra head and leg room. Plus, passengers can use complimentary iPads during flights.

"This sounds really good, it definitely has a lot of amenities and I would be definitely interested into something like that," said airline passenger Joy Nurre.

Other things you can look forward to, says Little, "We can allow passengers to only show up 15 minutes before their flight for example, to not pay for parking, to not have to go through the hassle of TSA security, they don't have to pay for bags, they don't have to pay for golf clubs if they want to bring their golf clubs."

He says an announcement will come soon revealing destinations areas. Travelers can begin booking seats for travel on May 22 at
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