New Bass Pro Designs for The Pyramid

New Bass Pro Designs for The Pyramid

Bass Pro presented its latest sign and design ideas for the Pyramid to the Downtown Review Board.
MEMPHIS, TN – Bass Pro presented its latest sign and design ideas for the Pyramid, to the Downtown Review Board on Tuesday July 16, 2013.

The giant logos originally proposed for all faces of the Pyramid in March—didn’t go over well.

So, after a few months of re-tooling, Bass Pro tried again.

The presentation was informational only; there was no vote taken on what Bass Pro presented; but everybody in the room seemed impressed.

That included Review Board members and residents who live near the Pyramid.

“I think it looks fabulous, to be honest with you,” said David Childe, who lives in Rivertown.

“I think they have done an excellent job responding to the communities’ concerns.” Ray Brown told

Brown is a member of the downtown review board.

Addressing community concerns was not always in the picture. When Bass Pro first proposed putting their giant yellow and orange logos on the Pyramid, it generated negative reaction.

“Internally illuminated yellow and orange signs,” said Brown, “that would have been garish.”

But now—garish is gone.

A check of computer animation shows new signs that blend into the skin of the Pyramid and are illuminated by a pale green glow.

“What they did with the signs,” said Memphis City Council member Lee Harris, “showed they were community minded.”

Signage on the north side has been eliminated; while a Duck’s Unlimited sign on the east face touts a museum.

“I’m impressed in a lot of ways,” Harris told, “and I didn’t start out as the biggest Bass Pro fan.”

And how impressive does this sound—a skyride running up and down the southeast corner; a hotel to be known as Big Cypress Lodge; and newly added glass balconies at the top—that will let you see to the ground.

“Well, I think that’s kind of cool.” Brown said.

“It was sharp,” Harris said, “and it was a beautiful building.”

“I was very impressed with the presentation,” Childe told, “with the depth and breadth of the presentation.”

And, if the reaction of the Downtown Review Board is any indication—we will all be impressed in the near future.

“I think people will be surprised and delighted with what Bass Pro is doing.” said Brown.

Bass Pro needs final approval for their latest designs by August first; the Downtown Review Board will vote on what you’ve just seen on July 30th.

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