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New Clarksdale Mayor has Big Plans for City Revitalization

There are just a few weeks until Bill Luckett takes office, but he is already making the transition to city hall.
CLARKSDALE, MS (localmemphis.com) - He's a pilot, an actor, lawyer and businessman. As of this week Bill Luckett can add mayor to that list. He was just elected to lead Clarksdale the next four years.

There are just a few weeks until he takes office, but Luckett is already making the transition to city hall.

"I was over at city hall this morning for a few hours. I'll be back there Monday morning," he tells Local 24 News. Luckett's preparing to lead his hometown. He won big in the mayor's race and is ready to get to work.

"We've been in a bit of decline here and I've witnessed it. We've lost some population. There are a number of reasons for it."

Luckett's background in law and business will help his efforts to revitalize the area.

"My business background, my legal background, my work ethic. I've been a house painter, a carpenter, a little bit of everything. I'll bring that all to bear in this job as mayor."

One of his top priorities is safety.

"We have a bad perception with respect to crime here," he says. "We're not down in the danger zone with respect to rankings of other city's - and I don't want to ever go there - but we had a couple of heinous crimes here in the last several months. I'm going to do my best to stop that."

He says that goes hand in hand with promoting the city.

"We're a gem of a city. The world comes here. You just wouldn't believe where they're from. Just this month, we've had (people from) probably 30 states and 20 foreign countries. That's just in the last 7 days. They have come here to Clarksdale at Ground Zero Blues Club."

"The world is coming to our town and we don't want to drive anybody away or cause them to pause for just one second that they don't want to come here."

Luckett will take office at the beginning of July.
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