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New Details About Former MPD Cop that Killed 2 People in Car Crash

There are new details about a Memphis Police Officer who killed two people in a crash in August of 2012.
MEMPHIS, TN— There are new details about a Memphis Police Officer who killed two people in a crash in August of 2012. We learned that former Officer Alex Beard was going nearly 100-miles per hour when he hit the civilian's car. Beard had no lights and no siren on. Those who live and work near the accident scene say more MPD officers need to slow down. Neighbors say police cars often fly through red lights when it's not an "emergency" and they say it's getting out of control.

"If they want to get through a light, they'll turn the lights on and shoot through,” said Bill Machen.

Machen owns a business called “Hot Shot Grocery and Grill” and it's right across the street from where the crash happened at Walnut and Crump in South Memphis. Machen also witnessed last year's fatal crash that killed 54-year old Delores Epps and her daughter 13-year old Mackala.

According to the MPD's internal affairs files, former Officer Alex Beard did not have his emergency lights or siren on. He heard a call on the radio that dispatch wanted an officer to "check" something out with a second officer. Beard went on his own without letting dispatch know.

Five seconds before impact, records show the rookie cop was going 94 miles an hour, that’s more than twice the legal limit of 40 miles an hour on that stretch of road.

"I saw them when they passed by,” said Machen. “The charger was flying and next thing I know he ran into the people. Two lives gone, just like that because you decided to drive fast because you're the law."

Beard was fired in February 2013. His supervisors say he "failed to exercise due care" and that resulted in the death of 2 people. Officer Beard stated he was "very sorry" and says the other car pulled in front of him, there "was nothing he could do. He did not think he was putting the public in danger."

"A lot of things they're doing are just not right,” stated Machen "You get those badges and those guns but we still people, ya'll’s are people too just like us but they abuse that, a lot of them do."

The city of Memphis faces a lawsuit from the family of the mother and daughter killed in the crash. MPD squad cars don't have GPS right now. Global Positioning Systems would allow the top brass to know when officers use their lights, their sirens, and more importantly record how fast they're driving.
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