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New Local NWS Coordinator to Help Plan for Severe Weather

Ben Schott, the new Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the local weather office, hopes to better educate and prepare the Mid-South for severe weather.
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MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - A team of National Weather Service meteorologists monitor weather conditions around the clock. They are responsible for issuing warnings that can help protect life and property during severe weather. Meteorologist Ben Schott is new to Memphis and will serve as Warning Coordinator for the National Weather Service.

Schott says, “It's my job to work with the media, state, federal, local, and county agencies to make sure people are prepared and educated when severe weather comes.”

Schott will also manage various entities at the local weather office by reviewing storm events that sweep through the Mid-South, verifying warnings that are issued, as well as broadening the relationship with local agencies like FEMA.

Outside of issuing warnings, Schott has two goals in making the Mid-South storm-ready. He will reach out to school superintendents and school transportation officials to see what plans can be improved to increase students’ safety during severe weather. Schott also hopes to bridge the economic gap in our community by making sure everyone has access to weather information.

“I have a big concern for some communities that aren't as affluent as others. They may not have the communication set up for severe weather,” says Schott.

With a quiet spring severe weather season coming to an end in the Mid-South, Schott will have plenty of time to work on these goals. Summer months in the Mid-South do not bring large severe weather outbreaks. While no month is guaranteed storm-free, the Mid-South’s next severe weather season officially will ramp up in the fall.

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