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Nissan Remote Windows Feature Creating Driver Problems

Have you ever run to your car in a rainstorm and found your windows down? It is not a good feeling.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) – Have you ever run to your car in a rainstorm, only to find your windows down? It’s not a good feeling.

Now, some Mid-South Nissan owners say that could be a real possibility. Some vehicles in question could even come from a large Nissan assembly plant in Mississippi.

Nissan owners in Memphis told abc24.com that for them, a remote window-opening feature has created problems that could even expose them to danger.

“I had an experience where I came out of a home store with all my stuff on the front seat,” said Lanier James, “and all my windows down.”

That was this first time Nissan Titan owner had the inkling that, “You can accidentally roll your windows down without ever knowing it… It kind of shocked me.”

Online posts show that James is not alone. One wrote, “It’s happening more frequently and will happen almost everywhere I go.”

The remote window-opener is billed as an added feature on the vehicles.

“Just hold down the unlock button and you’re able to release all that heat,” touts a Nissan worker on Youtube.

“Being able roll my windows down without me knowing about it does not seem to be a feature to me,” said James.

Nissan owner Linda Rutledge agreed.

“I was shocked,” Rutledge said, “for security reasons. Someone could get something out of my car during the day.”

Another blogger chimed in, “They do that so nobody has to break the glass to steal stuff out of your truck.”

That has not happened to Rutledge, but she did experience the “mystery roll down.”

“I was in my house and came back out to make sure the windows were up before it rained,” Rutledge told abc24.com, “and they were down.”

Abc24.com contacted several Memphis area Nissan dealerships and the national media office of Nissan, but virtually no one wanted to discuss the issue.

After being told there was nothing to be done, James said Nissan recently contacted him with a way to prevent future accidental roll downs.

“Thank goodness,” James said.

And that’s good news for Rutledge, who knows what she wants to have happen.

“Fix it.”

Terry Payne, the manager of Jim Keras Nissan, was kind enough to take the time to demonstrate the remote windows.

But, his initial estimate that the maximum distance over which the opener would work, sixty feet, was very low.

When tried in a parking lot, the windows went down at a distance of about 220 feet.

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