OCU Makes Hundreds of Arrests Over Two Investigations

OCU Makes Hundreds of Arrests Over Two Investigations

Two motels located less than a mile apart were the subject of a dual investigation that resulted in hundreds of arrests and charges of Public Nuisance to both businesses.
Memphis, TN (abc24.com)

As a result of numerous complaints regarding narcotics use and prostitution both on the premises and in the immediate area of the Budget Inn at 4030 Lamar and the Crown Inn at 4046 Lamar, the Memphis Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit began a rigorous nuisance investigation into the businesses that are located less than a mile apart from each other. The dual investigation began in May of 2011 and concluded in January of 2013.  

In a fourteen month span from May of 2011 to August of 2012, officers had responded to the Budget Inn a total of 97 times for crimes ranging from aggravated assaults, thefts and criminal trespass to prostitution. Within that same time frame officers responded to the Crown Inn a total of 84 times for crimes ranging from forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault to narcotics, prostitution and burglary.

During the 20 month investigation, OCU mounted 51 human trafficking operations targeting prostitutes at or in the immediate area of both hotels resulting in 407 arrests and the seizure of 303 vehicles. 

In January of 2013, MPD’s Organized Crime Unit had collected enough evidence to conclude their investigations into both of the businesses.  The information was presented to the District Attorney’s Office and then presented in Division 14 of General Sessions Court. Restraining Orders for both the Budget Inn and Crown Inn were granted based on sufficient evidence which constituted a Public Nuisance as a result of the numerous incidents of criminal activity which have taken place at these locations.
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