Ole Miss Asking For Money From State To Keep Campus Beautiful

Ole Miss Asking For Money From State To Keep Campus Beautiful

Known nationwide for having one of the most beautiful campuses, Ole Miss is asking for money from the state of Mississippi to keep it that way.
Oxford, MS (localmemphis.com) - Known for having one of the prettiest campuses in the United States, the University of Mississippi is asking for money from the state to keep it looking that way.

Greg Butz said in the four years he has been at Ole Miss he cannot remember a time when the campus was not looking nice. Neither can Jack McGee.

"They're keeping our campus up really nice," McGee said. 

Ole Miss is asking the state of Mississippi for $132 million. it is not only to help with the continued beautification of campus, they want to build new buildings and fix up old ones. 

"You always try to stay ahead of the curve," vice-chancellor of administration and finance Larry Sparks said. "You can't build what you need today. If you do you're always behind."

Sparks went on to add that "when we go to the state, we're mainly focusing on helping us stay on the cutting edge of technology but also having adequate space for a growing student population."

Sparks said over the last several years, student enrollment has increased 25 percent, bringing the total number of students to more than 17,000.

"In trying to to accommodate that growth, we feel like we've done a good job of taking care of classroom space," Sparks said.

Sparks welcomes the growth but said it is starting to catch up to them in areas of student services and academic space. He said a new Science building is a top priority.  

The $132 million reqest has to be voted on by Mississippi state legislators. They meet in January. 
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