Panola County Reacts to Fatal Shooting at Football Game

Panola County Reacts to Fatal Shooting at Football Game

Violence was at a fever pitch in Panola County over the weekend.
SARDIS, MS – Was it gang violence—or not?

There were differing opinions over the shooting death of fifteen year old Roderick Bobo, at the August 23, 2013 football game at North Panola High School.

Violence was at a fever pitch in Panola County over that weekend—seven arrests were made in three separate incidents.

Three people were charged with murder in the shooting at the school.

Some believe Bobo’s death happened in a battle of rival gangs they’re calling Sardis vs. Como.

“I want Sardis, Como, Senatobia and all other north Mississippi towns to come together,” Dedrick Porter told, “to come together as a family and stop the gang violence.”

Porter was a friend of the murder victim.

But, a friend of murder suspect, Quinterious Mabry, said gangs were not a factor.

“I don’t know anything about any gangs.” Jarvis Johnson told Johnson said he’s known Mabry since he was a baby, and: “He didn’t go looking for trouble.”

When asked if her son was a gang member, Natavia Taylor said: “Not to my knowledge.”

After the shooting at the school, Mabry’s great grandmother said he came to her home.

“I didn’t want him to be doing anything like that,” said Azalea Mabry, “but he said it was the only way he could save his own life; that they were shooting at him.”

At a news conference on Monday August, 26 2013 Panola County officials were having none of that.

“We want to end a message that we’re taking this seriously,” said north Mississippi District Attorney, John Champion, “I’m sick of this. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’m sick of these young kids believing they can do whatever they want with firearms.”

Taylor viewed things differently.

“I think it’s very unfair for them to charge so many young men for capital murder,” Taylor told, “they were trying to defend themselves.”

Taylor’s next step was to hire an attorney; but she had a message for her son.

“I love you and your mama has got your back sweetheart,” said Taylor, “always remember that.”

Along with Mabry, Darius McNeil and Jonathan Haynes were also charged with murder.

Tevan Motley was charged with possession of a gun on school property.

Panola County officials said they are planning to request federal assistance to help combat their growing gang problem.

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