Parents React To Gun At Westside Elementary

Parents React To Gun At Westside Elementary

The thought of a 5-year-old carrying a gun in a backpack just floored Barbara Joy, who has a grandchild at Westside Elementary.
The day started off just like every day.

The kids go in and they aren't checked.

Then things changed.

A 5-year-old boy's backpack had a gun in it. It accidentally went off. They believe another backpack hit it, and the gun went off. It was in the cafeteria. The students were waiting to be picked up by their teachers before they went to class.

Six-year-old Brikeria Gilkey said she heard something strange.

"We thought it was a balloon that popped," Gilkey said.

Parents were scared. And they were also angry.

No phone calls from school officials about what happened. Just news reports telling them what happened.

"The way things are going around here my baby will not be returning to this school because even if it was a toy gun or anything I feel like now they need metal detectors. For kids first and second graders. That's ridiculous," one parent said. 

Another parent said nothing surprises her in Frayser.

School folks say they did what they were supposed to do, but can't keep track of little kids carrying weapons that can kill.

"We're regretful that it happened but its not out of neglect on our part this happened," officials said. 

School officials refused to talk about where the five year old got the gun. They refused to talk about security procedures. 

People talked about Sandy Hook and people with guns and violence.

It was on the minds of just about all of the parents who rushed to Westside from work or home to check on their children's safety. Or in some cases take them home.

Arisha Wilkins says she's finished thinking about what she's going to do.

"I'm sick of this school," Wilkins said. 

School officials didn't say much about what happened, but did say they're going to look things over.
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