Parents Still Outraged with Cornerstone Prep Teachers

Parents Still Outraged with Cornerstone Prep Teachers

Cornerstone Preparatory School still gets a failing grade from a lot of parents.
MEMPHIS, TN— Cornerstone Preparatory School still gets a failing grade from a lot of parents. The private, state-run elementary inside Lester Elementary serves families in Binghampton. Even after a community meeting and a visit by local NAACP leaders last week, the complaints continue.

Some of the complaints include no African American teachers working there, the current teachers do not have enough experience teaching inner city children, and the students are not receiving enough bathroom breaks.

Cornerstone Prep parents are getting together this Saturday, January 26 at the Lester Community Center to talk about all the problems.

"Nothing has been resolved,” said one angry parent, Kerri Rogers.

"The school has heard our outcry but nothing is being done,” said another parent and community organizer, Marty Merriweather. “Everybody is just turning a blind eye in this whole entire situation."

Binghampton parents have had enough. The number one issue parents claim teachers are still not allowing their kids to take bathroom breaks.

"I've picked up kids in the evening and the first thing they say is can we go to the bathroom? I’m like you all just passed the bathroom so why didn't you all go? It’s because they can't go to the bathroom, they already had their time to go to the bathroom at school,” said Rogers.

Kendria Green is 8-years-old and attends Cornerstone. She says some kids still make fun of her when she soiled herself a few months ago.

"We were doing work and I put my hand up and so he just ignored my hand so I yelled out can I go to the bathroom and he told me to be silent,” said Green. “I had to sit in my chair and I peed on myself."

The school says that problem has been resolved.

"We're providing more than ample opportunities to make sure every child has a restroom break,” said Drew Sippel, a spokesperson for Cornerstone Prep.

Merriweather has a niece and nephews at Cornerstone Prep. He says teachers are lying to parents.

"We're a long way from the problem being fixed, it's not even close. If we're on a scale of a 100 we're probably at 5,” Merriweather stated. "At least give us an apology. Apologize to the people of the community - but they refuse to even apologize for some of these allegations that have been going on."

It's important to note that test scores and grades are up at Cornerstone.

Saturday's community meeting is open to the public and will take place at the Lester Community Center at noon. The center is located at 317 Tillman Street. Cornerstone Prep says there will be a representative at the meeting.
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