Parents & Students Fight To Save Carver High School

Parents & Students Fight To Save Carver High School

Shelby County school Superintendent Dorsey Hopson got an ear full from dozens of people at a public meeting in South Memphis about why Carver High should remain open.
"The last thing you want to do is put a big boarded up building that means so much to this community," said Dorsey Hopson.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopson has some hard truths for Carver High school parents and students. Low enrollment and student achievement could spell the end of the beloved school. However parents say this fight is over more than just a school building.

"If you close the school down then you won't have the community. The kids won't succeed," said Lakesha Davis.

The school district was forced to cut 75 million dollars. Those cuts put five schools on the chopping block. Carver is one of them. The school's student body President says he's aware but they still have high hopes to remain there.

"There's not many schools that are small housed where they feel like its a huge family. Teachers have extra time to do extra curricular activities after school with children, extra tutoring hours," said Kemario Davis.

Many say when it comes to education, Carver High is important.

"In supporting Carver we support every child in Memphis and Shelby county, every poor child, every rich child. We cannot let the bottom line determine our bottom line," said Kenneth Whalum Jr.

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