Parking Prices Spike Hours before Grizzlies Playoffs Game

Parking Prices Spike Hours before Grizzlies Playoffs Game

Grizzlies playoff games and Memphis in May equals big money in parking fees.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Caught on camera: a parking fee hike in downtown Memphis. Our cameras were there when the parking fee went from $5 to $20 and it's all legal. Grizzlies playoff games and Barbecue Fest equals big money for parking garages.

A group of Grizz fans just missed paying a whopping $20. They parked in a lot behind Gibson Guitar on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue for $5. Monday at 3:30 p.m., the price quadrupled to $20, but it happens all the time. Prices go up when there are special events, like the Grizzlies playoff games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Parking really close to FedEx Forum will cost you a pretty penny too. It's $20 to park at the Westin Hotel.

"We try to provide the premier service, first class service. Parking attendants, staff 24 hours a day, surveillance for safety,” said Michael Dumas, President and Director of Lee’s Landing Parking.

The Downtown Memphis Commission manages 7 parking garages, including the Peabody.

"We try to control the market by setting the prices,” said Downtown Memphis Commission President Paul Morris. “Ours is $15 for special event night. If you keep prices too low then the demand will be too high and you won’t have parking for those people."

Tons of people travel for hours or even days to see the Grizz, so if they can save a few extra bucks on parking, it's a plus.

“We drove from Alabama, about 5 hours away,” said Grizzlies fan Evan Mince. “We've spent enough already and we don’t need to pay $20 bucks for parking."

Morris says Memphis has one of the cheapest parking rates in the country. One of the reasons, there's plenty of parking. There are more than 40,000 downtown parking spots available, and that's not even including street parking.

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