Pastor's Daughter Posts Scathing Open Letter

Pastor's Daughter Posts Scathing Open Letter

"Go to hell." That's the message to Pastor Bill Adkins of Greater Imani Church in Memphis from his daughter.
MEMPHIS, TN ("Go to hell."  That's the message to Memphis Pastor Bill Adkins from his daughter.

A heated article on a Chicago blog is turning heads at a Memphis church. It's titled "Letter to my Father Bill Adkins Go to Hell." Adkins is the Pastor of Greater Imani Church and the Father of 33-year-old Lashonda Matlock.

"Yes, I've read the letter and I'm sad to have seen the letter. I'm sorry she is enduring such hurt, suffering, and pain," said Adkins. In the letter, his daughter said she was conceived from an affair. Something the pastor denies.

"First of all, I was not married. She's 33 years old and that was 1979. I was not married. I was not a pastor of a church. I was a Radio Announcer at WLOK Radio," said Adkins.

Matlock also goes on to say her half sister, Taihia Adkins, is the daughter of an affair as well.

"Wow, I actually stated that? We'll then, unfortunately, I told a lot," said Matlock.

Pastor Adkins says he has never had an affair, but did admit to not having a relationship with his daughter. Moving forward, he wants to change that.

"I want to do whatever I can to help her, and if it's acknowledgment that she wants, I'm willing to give it to her. I responded to her in email today and I simply said, along with my other children and my wife, come to Memphis, let me introduce you to the entire congregation," said Adkins.

"I am sincerely happy that he wants to open an dialogue with me, and we can discuss both sides of our story, and maybe that should be dealt with in family counseling together first, before we go in front of a congregation," said Matlock.
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