Plans for New Raleigh Springs Mall Revealed

Plans for New Raleigh Springs Mall Revealed

Raleigh Springs mall has been a major eyesore for years, but change is coming. Big new plans for the mall were unveiled at a community meeting.

"It's refreshing to see them spend money here in Raleigh. All the homeowners are proud and I'm looking forward to a big change here," said Lary Whisenand.

The big change? New plans to rebuild a Raleigh Springs mall. The new mall will include a farmers market, a skate park, a recreational lake, a new library, a new police precinct, water fountains, a bowling alley, a bank, and plans to recreate the walking trail.

All 32 current retailers will remain. Averill Brittenum owns a business inside the mall and he says he's concerned.

"I've been there for 19 years and their talking about construction & demolition and things like that. Kind of gives an eerie feeling for boating considering I feed my family," said Averill Brittenum.

The plan is to demolish the current Raleigh Springs mall in phases. It will take about 3 years to build a new one. The new mall will cost 30 million dollars.

No worries for taxpayers. The money is already in the capital improvement projects budget.

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