Police Searching for Clarksdale Politician after Car Crash

Police Searching for Clarksdale Politician after Car Crash

There is mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Clarksdale mayoral candidate after a car crash.
CLARKSDALE, MS (abc24.com) - A Mississippi mayoral candidate was last seen Tuesday morning and his family fears the worst. The disappearance of Marco McMillian, 34, was discovered after his car crashed with someone else at the wheel. Sources tell ABC 24 News investigators believe McMillian was strangled and his body dumped near a river levee.

McMillian works at "New Leaders-Memphis." It is on the third floor of the ABC 24 News building. He recruits teachers and principals from all over the country to work for Memphis City Schools. Coworkers say they last saw him on Thursday.

The Coahoma County Sheriff and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are searching for Marco McMillian. He disappeared Tuesday morning. He's running for mayor of Clarksdale. A source familiar with the case tells us investigators believe McMillian was giving a ride to someone he knew but it ended terribly. They believe the man killed McMillian, dumped his body along a river levy west of Clarksdale, and took off in his car. That's when the man driving McMillan's car crashed into another car around 8:30 Tuesday morning.

The crash happened on Highway 49 South near Tutwiler, Mississippi. Several agencies are looking for McMillian. We asked deputies why they all are involved if they're not calling this a murder investigation. The spokesperson for the Coahoma County Sheriffs Office, Will Rooker, said, "Due to the fact that it was so close to the county line a lot of agencies were called so it does occur from time to time, yes.”

McMillian's last Facebook post was on Monday. He wrote, "If you must judge me, judge me not by who I have become, but rather judge me by the difference I attempt to make in the lives of other people." The 34 year old's family refused to speak with us. McMillian's mother was in tears and family told us she's not doing well.

The driver involved in the crash was airlifted to the MED. His condition is unknown at this time.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of McMillian call the Coahoma County Sheriff's office at 662-624-3085.

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