Political Feud Continues Between Friends

Political Feud Continues Between Friends

New information tonight about the political feud between two friends.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - New information tonight about the political feud between two friends.

We're talking about 9th district congressman Steve Cohen, and long time aide Randy Wade.

Tuesday, Wade broke his silence, saying a congressional investigation showed he did nothing wrong.

Cohen asked for a investigation into wade supporting a state representative candidate in last years elections.

Wade says Cohen was just upset because he didn't support Cohen's candidate.

Congressman Steve Cohen's office is located in the Federal Building, and for years if you wanted to find Randy Wade, his aide, you'd find him there.

Not anymore.

Cohen and Wade...once the peas and carrots of politics are now resembling gasoline and a flame.

Politics and friends are two words rarely if ever used in the same sentence.

Even though both Wade and Congressman Cohen say that's what they once were...politicians and friends.

"I am really sorry that this has happened because I value my friendship with Randy Wade and hoped it would continue," Cohen said.

Cohen asked for a Congressional Ethics Commission investigation into Wade's name being used to endorse state representative G.A. Hardaway last year.

Cohen supported Mike Kernell.

Hardaway won and Kernell lost. One year later, Wade was notified that his actions may have been a violation of ethics rules.

"It's about my name. It's about my character. It's about the way my Mom raised me. That's what you did. And I have issues with that," Wade said.

What is happening here is actually the beginning of the next race in the 9th district.

Forget about this old friends stuff. The issue is the beginning of an effort to try and find somebody who can defeat Steve Cohen in the next election.

"I don't see myself supporting the congressman," Wade said.

A famous politician once said in Washington, "if you needed a friend, go buy a dog." It's a lesson Randy Wade has learned.

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