Porkchop The Pig Finds A Forever Home

Porkchop The Pig Finds A Forever Home

The pig that some called "urban" is now living it up on 10 acres in Braden, Tennessee.

MEMPHIS, TN -- Rick Bucak, a retired police officer who now teaches PE for the unified school district, adopted Porkchop from Memphis Animal Services this morning. 

Rick says the idea of saving the pig started as a joke. However, the joke turned reality when he saw a picture of Porkchop. 

The self proclaimed animal lover says he, like many others, spent hours trying to catch him. His actions had the pig’s best interest at hand; he never wants to see Porkchop on a dining table.

“A lot of people wanted the pig to eat, [They said] ya know we'll fatten him up we're going to eat him no promises. I couldn't have that happen for some reason, I don't know.”

Porkchop won't be staying with Rick; he doesn't have proper pig accommodations. Through a series of phone calls Porkchop is now at his new home in BradenTN. He'll be taken care of by a retired couple with 10 acres and lots of chickens. Some may call it Hog Heaven!

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