Protecting Pollinators In the Mid-South

Protecting Pollinators In the Mid-South

From bees to bugs to birds mother nature is always finding ways to pollinate.

MEMPHIS, TN – ( They help flowers grow, they help your garden stay beautiful, they’re pollinators and they’ve vital to life. 

Pollination, it’s the transfer of pollen from flower to flower to keep their lives going; you can also call it plant reproduction. 

There’s plenty of stuff you can do to help set the mood and keep life moving. 

“If we didn’t pollinate a lot of plants they wouldn’t seed and that’s how the majority of plants reproduce.” says Rick Pudwell, director of horticulture at Memphis Botanic Garden

He’s been in the horticulture game for years and says pollinators want a local flavor. 

“Try plants that are native to the south and even if you don’t do that try to plant as many different species as you can.” Pudwell said. 

Perfect grooming isn’t always necessary to attract desired pollinators and they model that at the garden. 

Bees are probably the most famous of all the pollinators doing their job of carrying pollen from flower to flower. Believe it or not bees aren’t even native to the United States. If you look in your backyard you will see a whole different world of pollinators doing the same job. 

“Some of them are flies; some are bees, wasps and other stinging insects that we don’t like to think about. There are moths, there are hummingbirds in addition to other things that pollinate as well.” says Pudwell. 

Urban living doesn’t count you out from being able to help pollinators and their cause. 

Pudwell says expand your container planting. 

“Instead of planting one thing in the container, plant a few herbs. Plant a few flowering plants. Try a vegetable or two. If you do an assortment of plants, you’re still, even in a small space attracting more wildlife,” Pudwell said.  

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